The Legend - School Yearbook

Our student-created school yearbook.

Procedures for Purchasing a School Yearbook

2023-2024 Yearbook Information

All preordered yearbooks can be picked up from the main office over the summer: the building is open 9am-12pm. In order to receive your yearbook, please show your receipt from Walsworth. If you have any questions, email Nadine Taylor at @email.

If you would still like to buy a yearbook, we have a few remaining and will be selling them at the Wildcat Welcome in August. The cost is $75. 

To whom do I make my check payable?

Make all checks payable to CVHS.

How do I go about purchasing a yearbook at the school?

Please have your son or daughter drop off a check in the main office. It will be placed into Nadine Taylor's school mailbox and processed. When you drop it off, please include a self-addressed envelope if you would like a receipt sent back to you. 

How can I order my yearbook online?

Go to the website and follow the links to purchase a yearbook online. 

How much does it cost to have a name tag added to my yearbook?

If you would like a customized name plate with the student’s name, there is an additional $7 charge.  If you have any questions, please email Nadine Taylor at [email protected]

How can I submit candid pictures to the yearbook?

Send any pictures you have that you think might be good for the yearbook to  [email protected].

Will there be yearbooks available for purchase when they are given out?

We always order more yearbooks than have been preordered. Thus, there are typically 100 books that can be purchased at distribution. Be aware that the price at distribution will be higher, however. Be careful, though, we have sold out in the past.

When do I get my yearbook?

Yearbooks are given out during the first or second week of June during lunches. Sales (online and in-person) continue up through the very end of the school year, usually at lunches.