Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and club sponsor information

4H (Room 313)  

Heather Fehr | @email

Active Minds  

Jake Uden |  @email

All Students United

  Mike Parker | [email protected]

American Sign Language (Room 201B)

  Samantha Robinson | [email protected]
Animal Rights Club (LC 5)  

Michael Richardson | @email

Anime Gaming Culture Club (Room 110B)


Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Apps Development Club (Room 110B)


Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Art Club (Room 105)

  Rachel Jenkins | [email protected]

Art Honor Society

  Suzan Gibson | [email protected]

Asian Students Association (ASA) (Lecture Hall)


Autumn Koo | @email

Best Buddies (Room 243)  


Laura DeSantis | [email protected]


  Stephanie Oden | [email protected]     
Centreville Book Club  

Shane Rigsby | [email protected]


Centreville Hockey Club  

Gary Baird | [email protected]

Centreville Robotics

  Anna Garren | @email
Chess Club  

Jim Novak | [email protected]

Class of 2023 (Room 208)   Stephanie Oden  | [email protected] Jenny Hwangpo | [email protected]
Class of 2024  

Nadine Taylor | [email protected] Brad Taylor | [email protected]

Class of 2025

  Marina Taboada | @email Yvette Bedford | [email protected]
Class Of 2026    

Clean the World Club (Room 317)


Christina Lee | @email

College Partnership Program (Lecture Hall)


Anne Marie Chace | [email protected]

Kara Stamper | [email protected]

Autumn Koo | [email protected]

Allison Warren | [email protected]

Compassion Club (Rm 118A)  

Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Computer Science Honor Society (Room 118A)  

Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Cyber Warriors (Room 222)  

Robert Muskett | [email protected]

DECA (Room 114 or 115)


Yvette Bedford | [email protected] Miranda Schick | [email protected]

EDGE Club (Room 242)

  Jessica Givens | jgivens@fcpsedu
Educators Rising  

Lora Ann Hamilton | [email protected]

English Honor Society  

Jenny Hwangpo | [email protected]


Tad Rauluk | [email protected]

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) (Tr 218)

  Josh Yagel | [email protected]
Finance and Investment Club (MOD 18)  

Gary Baird | [email protected]

French Club and Honor Society (Room 243)


Sophie Turpin | @email

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) (Room 113)   Albana Celepia | [email protected]

Future Medical Leaders of America (Room 313)


Heather Fehr | [email protected]

German Culture Club & German Honor Society (Room 244)


Melissa Rife | @email Jake Uden |  @email

Girl Up!  (Room 310)  

Tara Claassen | @email

Girls Who Code (Room 117)


Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Good Neighbors (LC12)  

Joanie Nguyen | [email protected]

Hand in Hand   

Mary Shanahan| [email protected]

High School Republicans (Room 225)  

Julie Perry | [email protected]

Human Rights Club (HRC) (Room TBD)


Lisa Van Lahr | [email protected]

Jake Uden | [email protected]

Improv Club (Room 247)  

Patrick McGee | @email

It's Academic (Room 210)


Katherine Croote | [email protected]

Samantha Robinson | [email protected]

Key Club (Cafeteria)


Mariana Taboada | @email

Knit Happens (Room 215)  

Pearl Hansen | [email protected]

Korean Club (Room 118A)  

Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Korean Honor Society (Room 236) 


Patricia Yu | @email

Latin and Hispanic Student Association (Room 236)  

 Antonia Lott | [email protected]

Latin Club (Room 240)  

Kathryn Mayhew | [email protected]

Latinx Student Advocates (Room 235)   Marisol Morales-Diaz | [email protected] 

Math Honor Society (Cafeteria)


Eric Post | [email protected]

Math Olympiad (Room 234B and 314)  

Mary Lee | [email protected]

Lauren Godfrey | [email protected]

Model UN TBD



Muslim Student Association (MOD 4)


Jonathan Rutz | [email protected]

National Art Honor Society (Room 110A or 105)


Suzan Gibson | [email protected]

National English Honor Society (Room 214)

  Jenny Hwangpo | [email protected]

National Honor Society (Auditorium or Cafeteria)

Student member website


Noel Miller | @email  

Political, Economic, and Cultural Analysis and Awareness (PECAA) (Room 243)  

Amanda Pituch | @email

Queens for Tomorrow (Room 114)  

Yvette Bedford | [email protected]

RAISE (Room 218)  

Mary Devlin | [email protected]

Red Cross (Room 118A)  

Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

ROAR Board  

Drew Campbell | @email

S.A.V.E. Club

  Anthony Hanrahan | [email protected]

Science National Honor Society (307)       Informational Flyer


Ashley Saccomando | @email

Christina Lee | @email

Science Olympiad (Room 307)      Informational Flyer  

Ashley Saccomando | [email protected]

Sentinel, The (Room 209)


Nick Marley | [email protected]

Social Studies Honor Society (Lecture Hall)


Gary Baird | [email protected]

South Asian Student Association (Room 204)  

Margot Brown | [email protected]

Spanish Honor Society (Room 239 )   Marisol Morales-Diaz | [email protected] Antonia Lott | [email protected]  

Speech and Debate Team (Room 302)


Mollianne George | @email

Student Government Association (Room 116)


Jocelyn Cable | [email protected]

Students Together Assisting Refugees (STAR) (Room 118A)  

Michelle Pridmore | [email protected]

Technology Student Association (Room 101)

  Douglas Thayer | [email protected]

Thespian Honor Society (Theatre Club) (Room 247)

  Patrick McGee | @email

Tri-M (Room 119)  


Mark Taylor | [email protected]

Meredith Kohut | [email protected]

UNICEF (Room 246)


Marisa Nicholson | [email protected]

Varsity Club (Student Activities Office)  

Jimmy Sanabria | [email protected]

Video Editing Club (LC 12)  

Joanie Nguyen | [email protected]

W.E.B. DuBois Honor Society (Lecture Hall)


Nikkia Griffin | [email protected]

Pam Davis | [email protected]

Wildcats Vs Cancer (Lecture Hall)


Kathy Beatty | [email protected]

Wildcat Writing Center  

Stephanie Oden  | [email protected]

Samantha Robinson | [email protected]

Women in Math Society (Room 315)  


Lauren Godfrey | [email protected]