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Clubs and club sponsor information

Animation and Gaming Culture Club (Room 110B)


Michelle Pridmore |

Apps Development Club (Room 110B)


Michelle Pridmore |

Art Honor Society (Room 110A)


Katharine Search |

Asian Students Association (ASA) (Room 331)


Autumn Koo | @email

Hanna Langstein | @email

ASL club  (Room 210)

  Samantha Robinson |

Best Buddies (Room 101)


Kathleen McGuire | @email

Cappie of the National Capital Area (Room 208)  

Stephanie Oden |

Catholic Students Association (Room 229)  

David Campbell |

Casually CVILLE (Room 309)

  Lauren White | @email

Centreville E-sports (Room 311)


Peter Roden |

Centreville Hockey Club ​​​​​​​(MOD 18)  

Gary Baird |

Chess Club (Learning Cottage 2)


Jim Novak | @email

Class of 2023 (Room 208)


Stephanie Oden  | Jenny Hwangpo |

Class of 2020 (Room 309)


Christina Lee | @email Lauren White | @email

Class of 2021 (Room 307)  


Kalli Chaney | @email Ashley Saccamando | @email

Class of 2022 (222B)  

Marissa Heberer | Samantha Hall |

Clean the World Club (Room 317)


Christina Lee | @email

Club MIND (Room 317)  

Christina Lee | @email

Coalition of Racial Equality (CORE) (Room 213)  

Samantha Robinson |

College Partnership Program (Library)


Donna Thompson | @email

Sinitra DeHaven | @email

Compassion International (Room 235)  

Antonia Lott |

Computer Science Honor Society (Library Computer Lab)  

Michelle Pridmore |

Current Events Club (Room 229)  

David Campbell |

CVHS Filmmakers Club (Room 212)

  Pearl Lee |

Cyber Security/ CyberPatriots (Room 111)


Cindy Belsky | @email

DECA (Room 115)


Yvette Bedford | Miranda Schick |

Dungeons and Dragons Club (Room 317)  

Christina Lee | @email

Edge Club (Learning Cottage 4)


Michelle Hubley | @email

Environmental Coalition Club (Room 309)

  Lauren White | @email

FBLA (Room 113)


Cindy Belsky | @email

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) (Lecture Hall)

  Joshua Culver |
Finance Club (MOD 18)  

Gary Baird |

French Honor Society (Room 243)


Sophie Turpin | @email

Future Medical Leaders of America (Room 244)


Melissa Rife | @email

German Culture Club & German Honor Society (Room 244)


Melissa Rife | @email

Girl Up! (Room 310)  

Tara Claassen |

Girls Who Code (Room 110B)


Michelle Pridmore |

Good Neighbors (Room 235)  

Antonia Lott |

Green Team (Room 331)  

Helene Copeland Cooper | @email

HALT (Hunger Awareness Leaders of Tomorrow) (Room 229)  

David Campbell |

Human Rights Club (HRC) (Room 244)


Melissa Rife | @email Lisa Van Lahr |

Indian Student Association (ISA) (Room 204)  

Margot Brown |

Heather Fehr |

It's Academic (Room 210)


Katherine Croote |

Samantha Robinson |

Kids Are Scientists, Too (KAST) (Room 309)  

Lauren White | @email

Key Club (Lecture Hall)


Mariana Taboada | @email

Korean Honor Society (Room 236) 


Patricia Yu | @email

Latin Club (237)


Kathryn Mayhew | @email

Liberty in North Korea (Location TBD)


Sharon Duncun-Hudspeth | @email

Locking Arms  (Lecture Hall)


Gordon Person |

Math Honor Society (Cafe or Library) Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School Mathematics Honor Society, is dedicated to inspiring a keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics.  Eligibility requirements include enrollment in Precalculus or above, cumulative math GPA of 3.7 and overall cumulative GPA of 3.5.  Monthly meeting activities include math-related games and challenges and presentations from adults in STEM-related fields and academia.  Members are required to fulfill a tutoring commitment at CVHS and to attend 2 monthly math league contests during the school year.


Susan Rigby |  

Model UN (Library)


James We |

Music Composition Club (Room 121) Music Composition Club is a club where members progressively create an original piece of music over the period of many meetings. During these meetings, members share original parts to a song and also, members will get the opportunity to participate in music or Music Club related discussions.

  Bill Burke |

Muslim Student Association (MOD 2)


Jonathan Rutz |

National Art Honor Society (Room 110A or 105)


Katharine Search | @email

National English Honor Society (Room 214)

  Jenny Hwangpo |

National Honor Society (Auditorium or Cafeteria)

Student member website

National Honor Society is an upperclassman, invitation-only club for students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students are invited in the fall of their Junior year. Along with the grade requirements, students must demonstrate strong character, leadership, and service.


Noel Miller | @email David Campbell |  

Nepalese Association Club   

Pearl Lee |

Pro-Life Club (Room 229)  

David Campbell |

Red Cross Club (Room 324)


Mary Rubin | @email

Robotics (Room 329)


Oliver Small | @email

Science National Honor Society (Library) 


Ashley Saccamando | @email  

Science Olympiad (Room 307)  

Ashley Saccamando | @email

Sentinel, The (Room 209)


Nick Marley | @email

SGA/Leadership (Room 116)  

Dawn Barham |

Social Studies Honor Society (MOD18)


Gary Baird |

Spanish Honor Society (Room 239 or Lecture Hall)   Barbara Haber | Kim Sholtiss |  

Speech and Debate Team (Room 233, 225)


Alison Koehnke |

Technology Student's Association (Room 101)  

Oliver Small | @email

Thespians Society (Room 247)


Mike Hudson |

Tri-M (Room 119) The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a national  music honor society sponsored by the National Association for Music Teachers.  Its mission is the further study of, involvement in, and service through, music.  In order to join, a student must be enrolled in one of the curricular music classes at Centreville High School and complete a rigorous application process.  The CVHS chapter is run by a student board, with the assistance of two faculty advisers. 


Lynne Babcock | @email  

UNICEF (Room 303)


Joyce Hong |

W.E.B. DuBois Honor Society (Lecture Hall)


Sharon Duncun-Hudspeth | @email

Wildcats Vs Cancer (Room 331)


Hanna Langstein | @email

Wildcat Ambassadors (Subschools)


Sinitra DeHaven | @email Autumn Koo | @email

Wildcat Writing Center (Room 208)


Stephanie Oden | Samantha Robinson |

Women in Math Society (Room 315) The Women in Math Society encourages young women and girls to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.  We celebrate and acknowledge women throughout history who have made contributions to the field of mathematics. Our members provide service to the school and community through tutoring and math-related service opportunities.  We strive to raise awareness of the opportunities and benefits that a STEM education offers girls and young women.


Susan Rigby | @email

Video Editing Club (Library Computer Club)   Michelle Pridmore |