Mr. Wrobel Named FCPS 2017 Distinguished School Resource Officer

By FCPS News
June 13, 2017

Police Officer First Class Brad Wrobel, who serves as the school resource officer at Centreville High School, has been named the 2017 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Distinguished School Resource Officer. Wrobel was recognized at the June 8 Fairfax County School Board business meeting.

“What separates Officer Wrobel from other school resource officers is his commitment and dedication to creating and maintaining a safe environment for students while building unparalleled community relationships,” said nominator Michael Burch, assistant principal at Centreville High. Wrobel served as SRO at Liberty Middle before joining the staff at Centreville in 2015; this transition enabled him to develop strong personal relationships with students and families in the Centreville Pyramid.

Wrobel is also praised for serving as a mentor for students in the Police Explorers program. Student Chris Kim says Wrobel’s commitment and involvement in the program had an impact on him. “He has always encouraged me to do well and strive to be the best I can be, which led me to be elected as the captain of the police exploring program in Fairfax County.” Kim plans to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Outside of Centreville High, Wrobel participates in ongoing offsite training and professional development designed to improve safety for all schools, and served as a member of the digital imaging for safe schools roundtable.

“Brad is very ‘kid centered’ and builds strong relationships with his students,” said principal Dave Jagels, who praises Wrobel for being proactive in addressing issues. He serves as a guest lecturer in criminal justice and social studies classes, and “uses his position to invoke behavioral change and counsel the emotional wellbeing of students in crisis,” says safety and security specialist Tom Trapp, a former Fairfax County Police officer. He also collaborates with the courts to provide alternatives to incarceration for juvenile offenders. Wrobel is also credited for helping identify an emerging gang problem in the Centreville community.

Finalists for the 2017 Distinguished School Resource Officer are Police Officer First Class Nicole Krstulovic, Lake Braddock Secondary; Police Officer First Class Gus Cabrera, Lake Braddock Secondary; Police Officer First Class Chris Barr, Lee High; Police Officer First Class Brett Manthe, Madison High; and Police Officer First Class Virgil Swartz, Stone Middle.