Mr. Jagels, Mr. Campbell Recognized at FCPS Honors Ceremony!

Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Dorrzapf, and Ms. VanLahr Also Named as Pyramid-level Honorees!

By Department of Human Resources
June 15, 2018

a photo of dave jagelsCongratulations to Principal Dave Jagels who was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the 2018 Region 4 Outstanding Principal and one of five finalists for this year's Outstanding Principal Award!

Mr. Jagels is known for advocating innovation and using nonconventional strategies to deal with at-risk students. After learning that Centreville students had greater social and emotional needs, he trained teachers and introduced a mood meter to help staff and students become more aware of their emotions. Concerns about poor ESOL attendance led Mr. Jagels to request a fifth assistant principal and to start making home visits to students, which resulted in reduced absences. As an expert in restorative justice, he frequently travels to represent FCPS abroad. Otherwise, he’s a constant presence in the halls of Centreville. “Mr. Jagels,” says a teacher, “is a proactive force at all levels.”

a photo of chris campbellCongratulations as well to Special Education Teacher Chris Campbell who was recognized as the 2018 Region 4 Outstanding Secondary New Teacher and one of five finalists for this year's Outstanding Secondary New Teacher Award!

Mr. Campbell is a special education teacher with an innate talent for encouraging his students to express themselves in creative, unique ways. Colleagues praise his dedication to preparing effective lessons and presenting them to students individually. “I often forget he is just a second-year teacher,” said one. Whether he’s dressing up as the Elf on the Shelf to teach class, engaging a group of students as he walks down the hall, or organizing shuttles to transport his kids to job sites for career prep, Mr. Cambpell exudes patience and understanding. “His passion is to get these students with intellectual disabilities to do whatever they are capable of doing, ”said a coworker, “and then do more.”

Congratulations also to the other Centreville High School staff members recognized at FCPS Honors!

Outstanding Secondary Teacher School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Alexandra Morrison, Orchestra Director 

Outstanding School-based Support Employee School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Angela Dorrzapf, Administrative Assistant

Outstanding School-based Leader School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Lisa VanLahr, School Psychologist

Thank you to Karen Clifton for all of her hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.