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Centreville High School offers rigorous Automotive Technology training throughout three years of instruction. The Automotive Technology Program is an ASE certified program taught by an ASE Master Certified instructor. All students in grades 10-12 are welcome, and no prior automotive knowledge is necessary to start. Students will learn how the various systems of vehicles work and how components work together to provide ideal conditions for driving. Students are also exposed to the latest technological advances in diagnosing and repairing onboard computer systems and major components. All tasks assigned will reinforce and improve their reasoning and problem-solving skills. There is a shop/class fee associated with this course.

See the course descriptions listed below:

Automotive Technology, Level 1: One Credit

  • Students will study and define the major systems of the automobile, related tools and equipment, and the automotive industry.
  • An emphasis will be placed on general shop safety, basic vehicle systems, developing troubleshooting skills, and the safe use of shop equipment.
  • Curriculum is developed from the ASE Education Foundation task lists.

Automotive Technology, Levels 2 and 3: Two Credits

  • Students are introduced to digital diagnostic equipment, hand scanners, and various lab equipment necessary to perform tasks and competencies as defined by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).
  • Topics include engine repair, engine performance, brakes, electrical and electronic systems and suspension and steering systems.

All classes take place in the full-service Automotive Lab within Centreville High School.

Class Features

  • Nationally Certified ASE Program
  • Electude Online Curriculum Resources
  • AllData Pro Computer-Based Service Manuals
  • Factory & Privately-Owned Donated Vehicles
  • ASE Entry-level Certification Exams Administered On-Site to Students

Professional Certification Opportunities

  • Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills - (Level 1 course)
  • ASE Entry-level Certification G1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair - (Level 2 course)
  • ASE Entry-level Certification A1-A8 - (Level 3 course)


Internship Opportunities

Fairfax County's Division of Vehicle Services (DVS) Internship 

  • Level 2-3 students intern part-time at a DVS Facility during the fall, spring or summer.
  • Students receive a DVS t-shirt and work boots.
  • Students work with a DVS Mentor performing preventative maintenance tasks, perform repairs and tire repairs, etc... 

VA Tire & Auto Internship

  • Offered twice per school year (fall and spring), Level 1-3 students intern part-time at a local VA Tire & Auto service center for six weeks.
  • The internship program is centered on learning about the entire auto repair business, from inspecting and repairing vehicles, to customer relationships, ordering parts and managing workflow. Inspecting and repairing vehicles while learning under their experienced general service staff.

Post Graduate Educational Opportunities

This list of organizations, agencies, and educational institutions is maintained as a guide for students and their parents who are seeking information about post-secondary education opportunities in our region. This list is not all inclusive. This list is not intended to, signify accreditation, certification, approval, or endorsement of any organization, agency, or educational institution listed herein. Centreville High School and FCPS assumes no responsibility for the actions and abilities of the organizations, agencies, and schools listed here.

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Auto/Diesel Technician
  • Motorcycle/Marine Technician
  • Owner/Operator of Repair Shop
  • Truck Repair Technician
  • Service Writer
  • Dealership Management
  • Recycling/Salvage Yard Operator
  • Small-Engine Repair Technician
  • Shop Supervisor
  • Parts/Sales/Service Person
  • Race Team Member
  • Teacher
  • Automotive Manufacturer

Mentor Firms

  • Virginia Tire & Auto
  • Brown’s Automotive Group
  • Ted Britt Ford
  • Priority Automotive Group
  • Ourisman Automotive Stores
  • Snap-On Tools
  • Northern Virginia Community College
  • University Technical Institute
  • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Sheehy Auto Stores
  • Penske Automotive

Instructor: Edwards, Ryan |  Auto Technology Teacher, HS | @email |  703-802-5588

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Bring your car, truck, boat, or other vehicle to Centreville High School and we’ll take care of the rest! FCPS is the only high school-based fully licensed car dealership in the state, that accepts donations through the Student Auto Sales Program. Vehicle donations are fully tax deductible, and donations are by appointment only. For more information contact Ryan Edwards, Automotive Technology Instructor, at 703-802-5588 or [email protected].