PLUS Period

Information about PLUS, DEAR, and Teacher Advisory

  • Centreville High School has a PLUS period daily. This period is built into the day and rotates.The PLUS period is used in one of three ways, depending on the date: PLUS, Teacher Advisory, and DEAR time.

  • Regular PLUS periods during the week allow teachers to remediate students and/or enrich the curriculum in some way.

  • DEAR is a dedicated PLUS period on Fridays set aside for teachers and students to Drop Everything and Read. The goal of DEAR is to encourage independent silent reading for extended periods of time on a daily or weekly basis. Students choose the book they wish to read based on interest and ability.

  • Teacher Advisory is a monthly meeting during PLUS, where teachers and students gather together. The purpose is to build in a time and space to develop and enhance the emotional and social well-being of students.