Transcript Requests

Transcript Assistant

Emiley Slebrch | @email | 703-802-5453

Transcript Request Deadline Dates

Please allow at least 30 days before the college application deadline for processing your transcript request as well as your transcript consent form.

If you need to send a transcript please stop by the Transcript Office, which is located in Student Services.

When it comes to requesting a transcript, please keep the following information in mind:

  1. Both the transcript form and the transcript consent form are REQUIRED.

  2. The first three college transcripts for seniors are free.  No postage is required. A $ 5.00 fee will be required for each additional transcript. Fees must be paid at the time of the request.

  3. Official transcripts for underclassmen will cost $5 each.

  4. Transcripts and school counselor letters of recommendation must be requested at least 30 business days prior to a college or scholarship deadline.

  5. Requests made within 30 days of a college or scholarship deadline will be honored, however, there will be an additional $5 surcharge for each transcript that is requested within 30 business days of a college or scholarship deadline.   If you’re unable to submit your request at least 30 days before your deadline you can still submit your request, but your counselor may not have enough time to write you a strong letter of recommendation.

  6. Requests to mail SAT and/or ACT scores should go to (SAT’s) or (ACT’s).

Past Graduates/Attendees of Centreville HS

Student records are kept at Centreville High School for 5 years. To obtain records more than 5 years ago, please contact FCPS Online Student Records Request.