CVHS Grading Information


Grading Info for Students & Families

Intro to Grading at CVHS

All CVHS teachers will be using a rolling gradebook. A rolling gradebook is a cumulative measure to capture student learning over the course of the year. The grade posted at the end of each traditional quarter is a snapshot of a student’s current progress in the course. Consequently, grades on a quarterly report card will not be changed. A student’s final grade is determined by a combination of assignments and assessments throughout the entire school year. 

Schoolwide Comment Codes

All teachers will use the following codes in their gradebook to differentiate between types of missing assignments.

  • EXC: Assignment does not factor in to the grade calculation, code used at teacher discretion
  • NHI (Not Handed In): missing assignment (NHI will carry a value of 0% until assignment is completed)

Make-Up Work

Students are fully responsible for completing any missed assignments.  Each day of absence affords at least one school day of makeup work opportunity. Makeup work for excused absences is graded and recorded in the grade book by teachers without penalty to students.  Note -  The “make-up period” begins when a student returns to school.

Late Work

  • When a student acquires an unexcused absence or fails to complete assignments on the due date, teachers will accept the assignment with a maximum penalty of 10% if submitted within two weeks of the due date. The max 10% grade reduction applies to all assignments and assessments.
  • For an unexcused absence, teachers will assign NHI (0%) at the time of the due date.
  • Non-major assignments such as homework or classwork may remain an NHI (0%) after two weeks.  Students will need to work with their teacher to complete major assignments such as exams, projects, or essays that are missing.


At least one new opportunity to demonstrate proficiency shall be provided to any student who scores below an 80% on major assessments and completes remediation or intervention as determined by the teacher. This opportunity will, at minimum, be provided in the current or prior quarter of learning. 


Students are expected to complete homework as assigned. Homework for practice or preparation for instruction may account for no more than 10% of a quarter’s grade.

Additional Information

  • Teachers will implement increased opportunities for students to show mastery. Specific details around what this looks like can be found in the syllabus for each course.
  • Expect between 9 - 18 graded assignments per quarter in most courses.
  • For assignments where a student makes a reasonable attempt to complete the assignment, a minimum grade of 50% will be entered.
  • When a student has not completed graded assignments after multiple prompts and attempts, the student may receive a 0%.

For additional information around grading at CVHS, please see the course syllabus as well as the 

FCPS Secondary Grading & Reporting Handbook