Summer Reading & Assignments

2018 summer assignments listed by course & 2018 C-ville One Read

Summer assignments are posted as they are received from the teacher.

CVHS One Read

All students: This book is required reading for all students 9-12 and the entire C-ville community this summer:


image of the cover of memoir Craig and Fred


AP Language

In addition to reading Craig & Fred, you are encouraged to get a copy of Thank You For Arguing and bring it to class the first week of school.

AP Literature

  1. Read Craig & Fred, paying particular attention to what the themes of the book could be and how those themes are developed.  You are encouraged to take notes.
  2. Read three chapters from How to Read Literature Like a Professor: “Introduction: How’d He Do That?,” “Every Trip is a Quest (Except When it’s Not),” and “Don’t Read with Your Eyes.”  You are encouraged to obtain your own copy of this book, which we will use throughout the year, but you may find the text online or get a loaner copy from Mrs. Filsinger in room 203 before leaving for the summer.
  3. Review the vocabulary listed here: You will have lit terms quizzes throughout the year, and becoming comfortable with these terms in advance will help you succeed in AP Lit.

Fine Arts

AP PhotographyStudents should pick up a visual journal in the main office to complete the summer assignment.

AP 3D Studio Art

AP Studio Art

  • No summer assignment


*Attn: All students taking a math class need to purchase their own TI-84 Plus or TI-silver calculator.  Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, as well as PreCalculus and above courses require a graphing calculator.*

Algebra 1 (all levels)

  • No Summer Assignment

Algebra 2 Honors

Geometry Honors

AP Computer Science

  • Summer Assignment (Note from Mr Small: It’s a lot of reading and I encourage you to not print it out and stay green.)


PreCalculus Honors

A/B CalculusIt is recommended that you do the “Free Response” section first. This has notes which will help you review the material.

B/C Calculus

Multivariable Calculus

AP Statistics


AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

Social Studies

AP US Comparative Government

  • No summer assignment

AP US History