Outstanding Centreville HS Employees

Five CVHS Outstanding Employees Nominated for the 2018 FCPS Outstanding Employee Awards

Each year FCPS requests that each school nominates outstanding employees from different categories.  Staff, students, and community members were given the opportunity to nominate these employees. 

 CVHS submitted five names to the Pyramid this year in recognition of their exemplary work at CVHS.  Not only were these staff members chosen from CVHS, all five staff members were chosen as winners from our Pyramid (consisting of 8 schools)!!!   Their names have now been submitted to the Region.*

This is an awesome accomplishment to be chosen from the Pyramid.  Congratulations to all five amazing employees and when you see them, please thank them for all that they do for Centreville High.

Outstanding Secondary Teacher – Alexandra Morrison, Orchestra Director

Outstanding Secondary New Teacher – Chris Campbell, SPED

Outstanding Leader – Lisa VanLahr, School Psychologist

Outstanding Support Employee – Angela Dorrzapf, Administrative Assistant, DSA

Outstanding Principal & 2018 Region 4 Outstanding Principal – Dave Jagels


* If they are chosen from the Region, they will represent our Region 4 as a finalist for the FCPS Outstanding award in their respective category.