X2VOL- Time to Volunteer Update

If you have submitted service hours but they haven’t been approved, it may be because the ADULT Point of Contact (POC) has NOT verified your hours.  The hours MUST be verified before they will be approved.  Service learning hours MUST be verified by the ADULT supervisor NOT by a student. When volunteering, please tell your ADULT contact to verify your hours when they receive the email.

Attention seniors:  Friday, May 3rd is the deadline for clearing up any issues relating to volunteer hours claimed. This means any new claims must be submitted well enough in advance to be verified by May 3rd.

Remember that you need 40 verified service hours over a 4-year period to earn a black service learning cord for graduation.  To receive the Virginia State Civic Service diploma seal, you need 50 hours of verified service as part of a larger award criteria that includes grades, attendance and overall behavior.  Senior government teachers have that award packet.

If you have questions, please see Mrs. Armstrong in room 206 in the mornings.